3 villager in a city – part 4 – the book

My exploration was again leading me to the place I don’t know. That shelf at the corner. The place in library I never visited and something for me which was meant to be read by me. I was reading a history book suddenly I saw a shelf in the corner of the library. No one was reading from that shelf. I wondered what kinds of the book that shelf would be having in it. My curiosity lead me to that shelf, as I was checking the books I found a black book (it was more like a diary).

I opened it, the first thing I read was “THIS STEP CAN KILL U”. After reading that I closed it and kept it back into the shelf . I was sitting on my place wondering about the stuff that book contain and staring at the shelf.

After coming back to room the only thing that mind was thinking was WHAT WAS IN THAT BOOK, WHICH WAS SO DANGEROUS.

Next day I again visited the library and opened that book. But that phrase was so scary that I was not able to turn the page. After trying for one hour in turning the page, I decided to bring that book to the room. As I visited to the librarian to inform that I was taking this book with me, he stopped me and requested to show the book which I was taking to my room.

As I showed him the book colour of his face flew away. By seeing his face I asked him what happened? But he didn’t replied, the only thing he said  was “BE CAREFUL WHILE READING”. This phrase made me more uncomfortable and above all it made me more curious to know what was in that book. At night I was sitting on study table placing book in-front of me. After staring it for a while I finally turned the page…

To be continued..

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