3 villager in a city- part two-DARK MOON

The Dark Moon

Sometime over exploration can be dangerous. And thats what I was going to experience, but it was going to turn into more horrible stuff.


So me and my friends entered the bar “Molecule”. As we were not under age so we were allowed to have some fun. On entering the bar we saw there were table with people occupying it. On one end there was a counter, waiters were busy with some sort of machine, which I had never seen in my life (villages don’t have these kind of things). After sometime we finally managed to get some place to sit.

We ordered beer as we never went further than that. After sometime DJ started playing music and everybody was dancing. Everyone was happy it was like they were enjoying life, but its was not like that, as after sometime I felt suffocated so decided to leave. But crowd was so dense that I was not able to find the door and led me to a dangerous experience.

In a second my happy exploring changed into dangerous desire. I was not able to find the door and it felt like I will never make through this door. I was not able to look properly and in no time I was on the floor. But still I managed to reach the door. The bar was on the second floor so I could see the moon which then turned to be a DARK MOON.

To be continued…

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