3 villagers in a city -part 5 – Shadow from book

After staring for hours. I finally decided to read that black book, but still I was not able to turn the page…

My ears can hear the tick tock of the clock and waving of window shades due to strong wind. At 1:30 I finally turned the page . The first thing I encountered was, a phrase saying

http://sullivanbrospainting.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://sullivanbrospainting.com/portfolio/epoxy-flooring-coating/img_0259/ “YOU DID NOT LISTEN, NOW U WILL SEE WHAT YOU HAD NEVER ENCOUNTERED IN  YOUR LIFE”.

I was scared. But it doesn’t meant anything now as I had already did something which should not be done. Below that phrase there were some strange symbols. All my life I saw many symbol but the symbol which was on that page was something I  had never seen before. As I looked close into the book I felt something was staring at me, as I turned the page, there was nothing. Firstly I thought I might be imagining but I was wrong as I could hear a clear foot step from behind. As I turned back I found nothing. I thought that this might be happening as it was 2 am and I haven’t slept yet. So I went to sleep. That night I was not able to sleep properly as whole night I was feeling like someone was staring at me. Next day I visited the library. On entering the library, librarian came to me. He was looking scared. He asked in trumbling voice

follow link DID YOU TURN THE PAGE?

I causally replied that I haven’t open that book yet and left. After that short conversation I took my seat and kept the book on the table in hope that now I will be able to read it properly. But as I opened the book a strange thing which I had never seen before happened….

To be continued….

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