3 villagers in a city – part 6 – Inside Black book

I was sitting on my desk staring at book which had turned more freaky than ever.  As I opened the book in the library the symbols which were on the book were gone. They just disappeared and I don’t know were the hell they went….

It was already sounding suspicious because of the stuff written in it and now this disappearance of symbols was really freaking me out. I just closed the book and returned to hostel. Whole day I was thinking about the incident. I slept while thinking about the incident.

It was around one past ten I heard a voice calling my name from a distance. I ignored it, as I was sleeping, suddenly a voice of a boy shouted in my ears. I jumped from the bed and I was covered with sweat and my heartbeat so loud that I was having its sensation in my ears.

That was hell scary and I have no idea what to do?

Suddenly a voice from  back called my name again as I turn there was boy of good height and with normal feature. He was standing in-front of me. Before I shouted he made it clear that he was not there to kill me. After a while I asked him what happened to him and why he was trapped in this book. (I don’t how I was able to talk to him but that is who I am)

He replied that he was also curious about knowing new things and exploring more. One fine day he was reading about some black magic and decided to have a look to what happen if he do it. He told me, that while performing black magic something went wrong and he got trapped in it. He was in the book for five years. Many people with curiosity of exploration came across this book, but as I tried to connect them or talk to them they got scared and stoped reading it.

Again my curiosity was leading me to the place where I not suppose to go. My curiosity suddenly raised a question what happens when people stop reading this book? And how will you be out of this book?

To be continued…

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