3 villagers in a city – part seven – freedom from the book

After knowing the story about the shadow, my mind was filled with bundle of questions.  After struggling for a minute I finally asked – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE STOP READING? HOW  YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE BOOK?

After asking my question he finally decided to tell me how it works. He told me that he can contact only to the person who will read this book.

After knowing this I asked him how I can make you free from this book?

For a while he didn’t say anything.  His silence was bothering me. So I decided to ask him again.

After asking him again he replied with the trembling voice that he don’t know how to brake the curse or reverse it. Hearing this made me feel hopeless as he was the only person who might be knowing how to reverse the spell.

After thinking for a while an idea stroked in my head. If book can do this so it can reverse it. I asked to the shadow which book he read to do this? He said there was book in the library called THE BLACK MIRROR. After listening this I decide to search that but it was 2 AM in the morning and I was not allowed to visit the library that late. So I waited whole night and waited the clock’s needle swing till 8. As this was the time for library to get opened.

Clock showed 8 AM, and I rushed to the library in search of that book. As I entered the library, Liberian asked with curiosity that what I was doing so early in the library. For a while I was struck with what should I tell him as he was the only person who said not to read that book. Librarian kept hand on me and ask me that if I was listening to what he was saying. After listening that I replied in a confusing tone that I was there to search my book which I forget yesterday.

After clearing the purpose of visiting the library so early, I began to search for the book which was suppose to free that boy. I searched for hours but was unable to find the book.

After my disappointing search, I decided to take rest and have some tea. While drinking tea my eyes saw that old shelf which was on the farthest corner of the library. The same place were I found that black book. I kept the tea on the desk and rushed towards the shelf. As I was having a look of shelf, I saw an old book covered with dust.

I took it from the shelf, and Librarian asked me what I was doing here?

I replied nothing just finding my stuff. After listening this librarian left. I took the book out and read the name of the book which matched with book which I was finding. I brought that book to my room without telling anybody. As I reach home I searched for the cure. After searching  for hours I discovered the method of reversing it.

I performed the magic carefully as there was no margin of mistake and the successful attempt made him free from the book.


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