3 villagers in a city -part3 – the chase


The Chase

As I fainted, my friends took me back to the hostel. Next day when I woke up I saw it was late as clock was pointing time as 12 pm. So I decided to bunk the class. 

After such a horrifying experience I decide to give a brake to my exploration. After some days we were back to our normal routine. We were unaware of what is going in college as we spent most of the time sleeping or bunking. But deep in my heart I felt like I was not send here for these stuffs. I fought to go in city for studies.

The only thing I was doing was sleeping and wasting money. So I decide to stop doing what I was doing and start chasing my dreams. Few days all went well  but after sometime I felt like chasing books and just studies would not lead me anywhere. Becoming a bookworm is the last thing I would like to do in my life.

After thinking and watching I decide to do something else then studies.

But still the question was WHAT?

I don’t had any talent which I should Pursue. Days passed and I was not able to chase any other thing in my life except books. So I decided to do something related to books. I went to college and asked for library membership. After getting membership I used to visit library quite often, but not to read course books but to read something new, to explore something new which I had never came across.

Things were going quite well, one day I visited library and thought to explore something that I had never came across. In the corner of the book shelf which was at the farthest end of the library I found a book. It was old but it was in good condition.  On opening I found something interesting which I had never came across…..

To be continued…..

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