3 Villagers in a Big City : Part1



This story is about a boy who came from a village to the city for higher education. His name was Mohan, he was from a rich family but still he wanted to do something big in his life on by his own. But he was not aware where his destiny will take him.


I was very happy as finally my family was ready to send me Delhi for further studies. It was one of the best moment of my life. I was completing my packing as I had to leave the next morning. I was very excited to explore the new world. I already started imagining about things I heard from my friends.

Mom entered in my room with some stuff left for packing and with some tears in her eyes. As I was going to live alone in an unknown city with new people, my mom was tensed you can understand this situation. The next morning I left for the new city with dad.

After reaching to Delhi we visited college and then searched for the room where I have to spend my next some years. After finding the room, dad left for home and my excitement changes into fear as now I was alone.

After some time my other roommates also arrived. We had some introduction, their name was Yash and Mike.
Next day we visited to college and fortunately we all were in the same course. As days were passing our bond was becoming good.

One day we visited to a club as Yash and Mike also belonged to village area our desire to explore city life was at the top. But after seeing something we had never seen before led to a dangerous desire….

To be continued…..

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