5 Toughest places where Indian Army serves

1.) Siachen Glacier :
  • Arranged 19,000 feet over the ocean level, and with temperatures diving as low as -50 degrees.
  • Siachen is the most noteworthy and coldest battleground on the planet.
  • The icy mass is watched by 3,000 men and has seen lost 2,000 lives till date.
  • While the risk of war is genuine, most fighters have lost their lives because of the troublesome climate and living conditions.
  • The Base Camp is in north from the town of Leh in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The Base Camp of Indian Army in the Siachen Glacier locale is inside Indian Territory however is asserted by Pakistan as theirs.
  • The normal winter snowfall in the area surpasses 1000 cm. Troopers even kick the bucket from unforgiving climate conditions in the district.
  • The conditions are tough to the point that preceding their organization in the Siachen area, fighters need to experience a preparation camp which causes them adapt to the conditions in the locale.
(2.) The LOC :
  • It is the a standout amongst the most unstable fringes on the planet.
  • The LOC is the true fringe that isolates India from Pakistan and keeps running from Gilgit-Baltistan to Dras.
  • Officers posted at the LOC are prepared to withstand mortars, cannons shelling and projectiles at an exceptionally visit premise.
  • The LOC saw the demise of more than 500 Indian troopers when India battled the Kargil War against Pakistan.
(3.) Dras (Kargil, J&K) :
  • In the event that you recollected your geology classes in eighth or ninth standard, you can review that Dras is the coldest spot in India with temperatures going as low as – 60oC in winters.
  • This spot watches a sub-ice atmosphere and is known as the second coldest occupied spot on the planet! In spots like Dras, there is dependably an opportunity of getting influenced by Hypothermia and solidifying to death, actually.
  • Be that as it may, our daring troopers have beaten the chances and after the Kargil war of 1999, have set up a camp in the region.
  • The temperatures in the area stay in single digits consistently, notwithstanding two or three months.
  • It is exceptionally hard for a typical man to endure multi day in the camp, not to mention many months as gone by the fearless hearts.
(4.) Indo-Pak Border (Rajasthan) :
  • India had battled the greater part of its wars with Pakistan post-freedom.
  • The renowned one was the Battle of Asal Uttar. In which CQMH Abdul Hamid did the incomparable penance for the nation on the planet’s biggest tank fight after WWII.
  • From that point forward, this key post has been under successive screen by the military and the BSF.
  • The Indian Armed Forces monitor this fringe in the midst of amazingly sweltering climate conditions. In some cases, shooting up to 50°C in certain districts while dust storms, dust storms, and the horrendous warmth join to make the desert locale an unfit spot for home inside and out.
  • A spot 14 km far from the fringe, Tanot, has a decent sanctuary overseen by the BSF yet nobody is permitted to visit even this spot.
(5.) Indo-Chinese Border (Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh) :
  • Because of the steady erosion among India and China over China’s case over Arunachal Pradesh. The Indian Army has dependably had a solid nearness in Tawang.
  • The not well characterized outskirt and consistent conflicts between the two nations’ security powers, make Tawang an a standout amongst the most perilous armed force base in the nation.
  • The westernmost, Aksai Chin, is guaranteed by India as a major aspect of the province of Jammu and Kashmir and locale of Ladakh. However is controlled and managed as a component of the Chinese self-governing district of Xinjiang.
  • The other substantial questioned an area, the easternmost, lies south of the McMahon Line. It was in the past alluded to as the North East Frontier Agency, and is currently called Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The 1962 Sino-Indian War was battled in both of these zones. In 2006, the Chinese diplomat to India guaranteed that all of Arunachal Pradesh is A chinese area in the midst of a military develop.
  • At the time, the two nations asserted invasions as much as a kilometer at the northern tip of Sikkim.

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