Loneliness= emptiness = suffocation =self despondency

This negative equation of life has become somewhat reality. It becomes so difficult to analyze the situations when one go through such phase of life. No one to talk, no one to hear, no one to explain, no one to help….in all this scenario we start taking ourself as NO ONE. I can understand

How it feels when own existence is questioned by a voice of soul!!!

How it feels to remain silent as hell when we want to scream!!!

How it feels when we kept on standing but others run far far away!!!

How it feels to observe that so-called cool life style and then tolerate that unwanted comparison!!!

How it feels when all the truths hurt like weapons and false seem like poison!!!

But but but… dear readers come on not anymore we are going to feel all such awful feelings anymore. Trust me please YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This  statement is so soothing… isn’t it?!?!  It is easy to say but hard to follow not because of busy life but because of selfishness mentality. All are busy in their own story but for once it’s a request to all the wonderful souls reading these words please look here and there, several people around are in need of few genuine support of yours. Don’t restrict yourself from doing this. 

But no need to ever trust or depend on others for their hollow promises, baseless support, fake generosity and most of all sugar-coated life long dreams. Don’t forget only we are our true friends. All these gloomy days will eventually pass away, people will come and go but it is us who have to adjust according to situations so be firm and stable enough to maintain your spirit. Be your own remedy instead of asking from others. Give some time to yourself instead of wasting time on others to help you. At last it is only you my friend who will win win win for sure, have faith in almighty and in the positivity I am feeling for you dear readers. Smile please (not for someone else but for yourself).

It is very us who think negative for ourself because of others but not anymore. They are gone let them go. Keep one thing in mind it is you who will make the difference between LEFT  AND LOST. It is totally useless to expect anything from anyone in this frame of time. I am not saying all are same but yes truthful souls are hard to find. It hurts so badly to get hurt from those who were so important for us. But never mind this is what life is, so no need to go against the law of life better to be stable emotionally and mentally. I can understand it’s really difficult to remain positive when people so brutally kill all the liveliness in few seconds but let them do according to their mental standard ,raise your own place in the heart of worthy people including family and friends.
So lastly I just want to write… all thorns of your life will remove forever, keep on fighting.  All the dry petals will grow once again freshly, keep on fighting. Do not ever let anyone destroy your life’s  garden. Be your own true, bright, smiling sunshine someday that calming breeze will soothe all the mess. God will bless us with serenity one day for sure. Thank you

2 thoughts on “A SILENT THOUGHT”

  1. Agree! That kind of feeling is very common, mainly because we are afraid to share our feelings with each other. Thinking “what would he/she/they think if I tell them..”. That stops us, and we sink into this evil circle – Unfortunately! One has to be very clear about what to focus on and what to ignore. And how to share thoughts, and WHO to share with ?

    1. Fornunately….we are living in the era where we are free to speak, share and explore our emotions.
      Happy living ?

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