Our Vision

In this Blog we aim to provide our viewers with all kind of updates and articles. We could stick to a particular kind of blog but what is better to have all the variety available at a single place. So you can find any thing from food to fashion, from technology to maritime’s life, from new updates to articles on sports etc. etc.

Our Team

We have many focused and hardworking people in our team so that the articles or the blog not only depend on the vision of a single person rather it could have variations as every person goes through a different experience.

Meet our Team

Siddhant Agarwal


Reetika Shukla


Tejal Vimal


Shailvi Singh


Wanna Join?

You can also be one of the team member if you want to, there is no restrictions that you need to be extra ordinary at any thing, you can write on various categories as well (writing on one is not necessary).Rest what you just have to do is drop a mail and we will get to you as soon as possible.


Your constructive feedback can lift our team’s morale and performance. This can be letting someone know they’re doing a good job in a way that sounds genuine. Or, it may be providing practical and actionable feedback without offending someone who needs to improve their work.
We welcome your feedback