In this entire world one of the most difficult task for we humans is to PRACTICE ACCEPTANCE. We somewhere remain reluctant to accept the realities whether it’s favourable or unfavorable. Like if something beautiful happened then also some of the people think HOW IT CAN HAPPEN WITH ME?!? and if something awful then also people don’t hesitate even for once saying WHY IT HAPPENS ONLY WITH ME?!? This enormous, divine and amazing universe is not at all answerable to us but it is capable enough to put that every question in form of life’s situation from which we try to run away all the time.

I am not saying that ACCEPTANCE is an easy thing. It’s hard really hard no matter
  • How tough you are ?
  • How sensitive you are ?
  • How strong you are ?
  • How weak you are ?
  • How cool dude you are?
  • How silent soul you are?
  • How cheerful you are ?
  • How serious you are ?
It’s that HARD ACCEPTANCE that will turn you in such a version of yourself which you have never thought you would become. This acceptance can be anything like
  1. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the outcomes of the efforts we put.
  2. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the truths that we don’t want to listen.
  3. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the absence that had been a wonderful presence once.
  4. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the fact the dear ones all around us are ultimately MORTAL.
  5. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the pain of a crushed dream of our  life.
  6. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the loneliness in the society boasting that so-called togetherness.
  7. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the silent isolation one feels in the midnight with awakened eyes glancing the mysterious flaws of moon.
  8. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept the difference between the reality of life and soothing imagination of life.
  9. Sometimes… it’s hard to accept even oneself due to some mistakes done by very us.
  10. Sometimes…. it’s hard to accept the changing phase of life with time and age.
But dear readers don’t forget these all SOMETIMES ultimately create our LIFE TIME. Each acceptance teaches us the significance of living as a human. Each acceptance phase is so full of silent teaching of life :
  • The crystals of thoughts embedded in us get enlightened by the harsh light thrown on us.
  • Various fears lying inside the darkness of mind get exposed in the burning sunlight to make us free.
  • All the painful tears of heart somewhere adds the smile of maturity to our insight.
  • Most importantly it teaches us the essence of being 21st century HUMAN running in the race of life in order to cross that finish line one day but they forget this living is not any race and even if you won with whom you are going to celebrate your victory. Because neither you are going to accept a relaxing walk with anyone nor anybody else has enough time to look around and give smile to fellow souls… busy world isn’t it !?!

All I want to write at last… your instinct and that divine power controlling the whole cosmos. Each hardship of life leads us to betterment so instead of running away easily try to understand and accept what can’t be changed. That heavy unwillingness will lead you to deadlines but this hard yet soothing acceptance will give you another chance to start afresh. Please give yourself a chance too!!!

Thank You

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