Balancing is such a crucial part of life. ‎
  • To balance day-to-day life’s routine.
  • To balance responsibility not only as a daughter or son but as a human.
  • To balance the pain of betrayal.
  • To balance the excitement of unexpected surprise.
  • To balance the way of thinking in negative phase of life.
  • To balance the tears of soul.
  • To balance the isolation we suffer in that crowd.
  • To balance that unwanted silence between hearts.
  • To balance the confidence while testing oneself.

Most of all…..


Dear readers….may be this current reality is equivalent to that unbalanced phase, may be that unbalanced phase of life is about to come or may be you have already experienced that unbalanced phase. So what is constant here??? It is YOU who will make through it at last. Please accept the joy and happiness  we feel by ourself can never be compared because others keep on changing in any way. So no need to shed tears because of others temporary disturbance, be your own permanent smile.

I would like to say to all the awesome female souls be the way you are no need to change unless it is important for your own betterment.

  • No matter if they mistook your sweet nature as weakness, you should know your real power.
  • No matter if they take your straightforward behavior as rudeness, you should know the limit.
  • No matter if you were taken for granted, you should realize your own worth in true manner.
  • No matter if your efforts got in vain, you should contribute your best to overcome worst.

That one thing that matters is… be firm in your beliefs of self improvisation. Stop expecting someone to cherish you, be your own kind of purity. Remember… beauty can be expressed in words but purity can never be judged it can be felt by soul. So don’t be afraid of the darkest awful phase of life because all this contribute in creating a meaningful life. All these salty tears will one day give your soul a sweet smile.

I don’t understand the concept of DREAM MAN or DREAM GIRL. After all we are living in reality so why to squander the essence of true relationships only because of few ideal impractical wishes. Open your eyes of heart and see that
  • calm mind sorting out all the mess
  • relaxed spirit sorting out all the mess
  • carefree soul sorting out all the mess
  • loving words sorting out all the mess

It exists… yaa it’s rare nowadays but yes it exists. To see that you have to sort your thinking first of all. Realize the value of true support, true presence, true soulfulness, true emotions, true believes and true happiness. No glitters are required to decorate life only few happening pastel colours are enough to create a colourful drawing of life including the colors of anger, hatred, failure, enthusiasm, enjoyment, togetherness, humanity and love. No high expectations but few generous wishes for upcoming future are enough to gift you true pleasure in all aspects of life. So just live with bright spirit and I truly wish for your better future with the kind touch of bright success and beautiful touch of soulfulness.

Thank You

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