Confident Charisma (Part 1): DARE TO DREAM

Do you dare to dream?

Here’s presenting before you, “my” kind of meditation.

I let myself loose and expand my forbidden wings to fly higher and higher in the limitless sky of dreams. And believe me this exercise of “imagination” has now become my “meditation”. It helps me in instilling within self a little more confidence than a previous day. Much needed energy to work hard. Vibes of positivity to feel relaxed. And happiness to spread happiness.
After all, “There’s nothing wrong in wanting to have the whole cake and eat it too as long as you are not harming someone or doing something unethical.”
  • First Don’t be scared to want more for self than you thought you ever would.
  • Second Don’t be scared of haters laughing at you and telling you to quit.
  • Third Don’t be scared of doubters telling you that your dreams are unrealistic. Your dreams can be unrealistic for doubters but not for you.
  • Fourth Don’t be scared of the society judging you from your failures. Failures are proof that you tried.


While chasing your dream you will get knocked down. You will get hit by life. Remember, that’s when it’s time to hit back. Many people get hit by life but they never hit back.

Are you going to stay down?


Are you going to decide to get up and hit back stronger.


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