Confident Charisma


Don’t you ever felt that your heart skipped a beat or it just stopped beating altogether the time you witnessed a significant personality with fearless eyes and confident demeanour heading towards you?

Well! I was astounded, fascinated but my feelings were more inclined towards envy. I wanted to be like that person who managed to captivate my attention in just a second through his personality but one thing which is as certain as day and night, as certain as year 2019 after year 2018 is that, you cannot be like someone else, don’t even try to be.

“There’s only one you because there is no one like you. And here I am talking about the core of you, your opinions, your flaws, your achievements, your energy, your convictions, your features, your persona. And once you understand who really that person is you would have taken the first step in finding your unique self and that is the best version of you.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why my post should exist because here I’m investing my heart and brain, helping you delve into your inner self and discover the best version of you.

Remember, you have never arrived enough to explore, no matter what your age is, how successful you are, change is the only constant thing in life and you are never too old or never too experienced to learn something new.

In Reetika Shukla style:

Fail! and Fail! and then rise like a PHOENIX, because the only way you can rise is by finding your unique self and then nurturing your uniqueness for the furtherance of nation.
Tie a knot, If you want GLOBAL DOMINATION you have to pay for it.
So pull your socks up, we are about to walk on the road named, CONFIDENT CHARISMA.
Now, I would like to encroach a question from the gravity and put it in front.
Do you want to walk a path like everyone, dressed in suits, go to work and come back and never have a LEGACY
You want to swim upstream, chasing your dreams, against norms and then whatever you achieve is only yours, leaving behind a LEGACY?

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