The Famous Rasa Lila: HOLI

Holi Delight

It’s one of blogger’s cruel games, tempting their readers with photographs of mouth-watering delicacies. Luring them into a wish of having been able to pick one of those sugar-coated, glazed, made with love gujia to quench their sweet tooth. And then splintering their hearts as this is only a photograph, a delicious art.


Today I’m going to share a mythological tale behind Holi.

An Inexplicable Love
  • Barsana, the place where Shree Krishna played laddoo holi with Radha.

Nandgaon, where he grew up playing lathmar holi.

  • Mathura, where he played flower holi with Radha.

How did the festival of holi starts in Barsana and Nandgaon? 

It is believed that once Shree Krishna asked Shree Radha to accompany him on earth. At that time she expressed her wish that she will land only at the place where she finds the stream of wisdom flowing. And the mountain of duties and devotion standing high. Following his beloved wish Shree Krishna created Yamuna and Girdhar Parvat in Gokul. Then, Shree Krishna along with his beloved Shree Radha appeared on earth and performed the most famous Rasa Lila which today is celebrated as HOLI.

Once again, Wish you all a high-spirited, colourful and safe holi.

2 thoughts on “The Famous Rasa Lila: HOLI”

  1. I first read about Holi in Vikram Seth’s wonderful book A Suitable Boy. It has made me really want to be a part of such festivities!

    (And, you’re so right about those bloggers posting tempting treats. How annoying! ?

    1. Its good to know that the book managed to develop your interest in these cultural at the same time jubilant festivals. Keep reading
      P.S- Tempting treats. Well! that was a bit annoying. ?

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