The girl from NorthEast-chapter seven- Boy and me

The stalker was behind the bars and I was relaxed. It took me few days to become normal.

Life was going good. But sometimes life takes turn which we never expect. But this time it was not as horrible as last one. It was a fine day, we left our hostel on usual timings. As we reach the college it started to rain. We rushed towards the classes. We all were running and suddenly my foot slipped.  I was about to fell but I don’t a boy appeared from no where and saved me from falling. As I looked towards him, we made an eye contact.

We both were stuck in that moment.  I never felt like that before the way I was feeling in that moment.  It was like a perfect meet up like rainy weather that sleep and a sudden hold. My heart beat was beating like never before. After staring him like a idiot he pulled me and asked me that if I was alright or not but I was staring at him. It was like there was no one in the corridor just me and him. I don’t know when he left as one of my friend tapped me as asked to go with her as we were getting late. The whole day I imagined that precious moment of my life.

As the college was over I decided to know something about him. But how…

To be continued..

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