Girl from NorthEast (untold story)-remember

Its has been five year since I saw him the last. I shifted to Mumbai as my college life got over and got a good placement from college.

I became busy in my work so I barely get time to remember the night which changed everything. In my job I have to work for straight nine hours and after leaving office go back to my place and sleep. Often many people go out for the party but I usually avoid it.

On Friday we all were leaving office to go back to home, suddenly a voice from back called my name. I turned back and saw that Ishita was calling I don’t know why? She told me that today they all were going to her birthday party and would be happy if I join them. Initially I tried to skip it but she requested so much that I had to go.

It was nine past ten and everyone was on the venue decided. As the birthday girl arrived everyone enter in the venue which was a club off-course (no party without boozing is complete). We entered the club and took our place which was already booked by her. Everyone were dancing, it seemed a place were happiness exist in large amount. I had never experienced such things in my life as I never went to anyones party. Everything was going well until….

To be continued…

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