A girl’s sigh of relief

She became very well aware of the pleasant illusions and thorny realities of life, She was not in fear of loosing anything but to keep on holding what is left, after all life is so full of surprises.
She knows there is no good in wasting time on worthless talks with the fake people rather spending time with the nature seems more fruitful to her.

Recently she learned significance of all  those random presence and hardly acceptable absences in life. She never made herself vulnerable to others but always colored other hopes with generosity. 

In this uncertain life making plans was a cranky task to her. Better to follow go with the flow strategy in hard times of life and stand firmly in good time was the only way of her living.
Relaxed from all the burdens of thoughts and responsibilities she took a sigh of relief. Her only motive is to live for herself and live by herself.

Dear readers this is something hard to understand. But for a while understand the quotes and relate them with the content written below. Surely you will get to know something about the way of thinking about life. Because it’s all about our outlook towards emotions which we tend to ignore but no need to ignore them. Face it face it face it….. no need to run away from yourself  from your thoughts. If they are negative step by step try to change them. It will take huge potential of yours but that will be worth it eventually. No need to live life with the fear fight it as much as you can then see what an amazing SIGH OF RELIEF you will feel. You will be so proud of yourself after all it is you only who fought all those dark lonely helpless days to have that one satisfactory smile. So go for it……. design your own life my friend.

Thank You

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