Healthy Way of Drinking Water (World Water Day 22nd March)

No water, No life. No blue, No green.

I would like to start by quoting a popular Slovakian Proverb -:

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

World Water Day
World Water Day

22nd March is declared as the World Water Day. It is an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater. World Water Day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events like educational, musical, theatrical etc.

Yesterday, that is on 22nd March we celebrated World Water Day. So on this occasion I thought to contribute my bit by spreading awareness about the quintessential relationship we humans have with water.

It is widely acknowledged that water is the natural remedy. So drink your way for better health. Water maintains the equilibrium of our body. It activates our brain. All metabolic activates require water. Adequate amount of water makes our skin healthy and glowing. We can get rid of all kinds of skin problems by increasing our intake of water in a healthy and proper manner. So, what is the healthy and best way of drinking water. Come let’s explore!

Adequate quantity of water (per day) -:

Quantity of water one must drink on a daily basis depends on various factors like the age of the person, climate of the place, temperature, physical work the person involved with etc.

On an average it is recommended to have 2.5 to 3 litres of water per day. As we know, nearly 2 litres of water is used everyday by the body for maintaining metabolic activities, so one must drink more than 2 litres of water to restore the water loss in metabolic activities and keeping one’s body hydrated as well.

Best time to drink water -:

One must drink 2 glasses of water early morning, empty stomach. It is very essential as its cleans our body system and provides energy. After every 1.5 hour one must have a glass of water. (Medium sized glass) After urination, at least wait for 20 to 25 minutes and then have a glass of water. Never drink water immediately after urination as it stresses our kidney, which is not good for its proper functioning.

Drink a glass of water an hour before having any meal. Alike, drink a glass of water an hour later after any meal.

If you feel thirsty while exercising, have 1 to 2 sips of water, not more than that. You may repeat it after every 5 minutes, while exercising.

Worst time to drink water -:

Try to sum up your daily requirements of water, during day time only. Avoid drinking water during night. Instead of drinking water try having a cup of warm milk.

Most of the people drink water when they find difficult to sleep, or when they wake up all of a sudden during night hours. Water does not helps us in getting sound sleep instead drinking water during night hours is not at all good for our health. SO avoid it.

Avoid having water before and after every meal. Although you may have 1 to 2 sips of water after meal just to make your throat wet and cleaning the mouth.

Warm Water/ Cold Water/ Normal water.

It is recommended to have normal or lukewarm water. When we drink cold water, it is not immediately used for metabolic activities and other purposes. First that cold water comes to normal body temperature in the intestine and then it is utilized, which consumes a lot of energy. So avoid cold water!

Always try having a comfortable sitting posture and then drink water slowly.

These small steps will definitely improve the quality of your health. There is no small pleasure in drinking pure water, so drink your way to better health.

If you have any other suggestion about healthy way of drinking water, let me know in the comment section. Stay healthy.

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