Being a daughter, sister, friend, girl and most of all as a HUMAN  I simply believe true emotions are meant to be adored and feel by all heart and soul without any comparison, regret, judgement, fear, negative intentions because after certain time when one actually attains maturity it’s all about the purity and depth of affection and care that really matters to create that soulful warmth in between HEART TO HEART.  So let’s start a quote-ful journey to understand the beauty of that emotion which people call LOVE


Firstly that one thing which should be understood by every truly caring soul is….. no need of something big, fancy, showy belongings to prove your affection. When it comes about HEART TO HEART the intangible gifts mentioned in above quote is enough to make your significant other realize your undeniable emotions for him/her and if not then there is something wrong. Don’t ever let anyone lower down the standard of your truthfulness my friend please. 

I don’t get the concept that….. only someone’s presence can fulfill the need of love. Just think how beautiful it is when someone’s absence can turn you truly smile without much efforts. Each one of you have some petals of wishes regarding future so instead of only expecting GOD to bless you with someone’s presence try to be the blessing for that soul mate. Relationships are not about give and take only, it’s about a sharing between HEART TO HEART.  

When your isolation gets a meaning to be cared for is one the soothing reason to be heartily connected with someone. In the dark night you feel the magic of moonlight, in the empty room you feel the lyrics of your dream song, after a deep sleep you wake up see yourself  in mirror and feel elegant….are some of the small things to be grateful for this simple tickling emotion. Your each moment became a story embedded in each others soul which is not meant to be published but locked up as cheerful diary in between HEART TO HEART. 

The problem is people now days are somewhere going in wrong direction about the concept of love. Please wait and think twice then set your soul and heart free to take the responsibility of being the best in charge of someone’s entire emotional state full of devotion and selfless bond. But do not ever hurt anybody just for a mere wrong perceptions. Because when someone truly loves they love your each weakness as well as strength so there is no good in loosing their essence of heart, breath,words,gesture and most of all your soul mate’s part of soul given to you. Take care of her/him in every possible manner whenever you both get ready willingly to make that HEART TO HEART bond a grand yet simple success. 

Till then enjoy and live happily. It’s your soul which will become someday some special one’s soul part so dear readers don’t forget to embrace yourself and love yourself.

Thank You

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