Walk the talk (The Voice)

Walk the talk

15 December, I was attached with my mother.

30 December, Mom said to Dad, “You are going to be a father.”

(Mom and Dad were happy)

15 January, My food is what my mom eats .

15 February, I can feel my heart beat, I am so happy.

10 March, I have little legs, hands, and stomach.

22 March, Today I was in ultra scan.

“Wow! I’m a girl.”

“Oh no! I’m a girl.”

This is something with which we’ve been struggling with, fighting since ages. Let’s face it!

There is a reason why the nature says to you when you become pregnant, “You will not know, you shouldn’t, if it’s a girl or boy.”

When we kill them we create imbalance that we will be so sorry in generations to come because life will stop to exist that way we see it.

I hold a strong conviction, it’s unfortunate if we need females to champion females. 

Feminism needs men, who have the courage to stand by the woman in their lives and to the women in society. And not too many men have that but it’s amazing when you see men who actually do that.

Who walk the talk.

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