Equality : Ladies passenger

Equality between both the genders


I’m Sonia.. 15 years old girl from Jhansi.. I live in a family of 6 my mother, father, 2 sisters, 1 brother.  I was a fun loving girl… My father and mother raised me and my siblings with all love and care. And I was satisfied with my life until I saw this..!!

It was the season of autumn, may be late February or early March.. I was in a public bus sitting with my mother and brother going to moradabad to attend my sister’s wedding. Me and maa was not mother and daughter we were best friends.. we gossiped like 2 teenage girls but that day I saw an Indian woman in her. The bus was filled completely and at a point bus stopped at its stoppage… A man and his wife entered… He was little bit thin and lean whereas his wife was little healthy and fat… They directly went back and sat comfortably…

After around 3 or 4 hours his destination came because of sitting at the back he was not able to call the driver and make him  stop the bus … He shouted, “stop the bus”, driver didn’t noticed he again shouted,” please stop, I have a ladies passenger with me”. I turned around I never noticed all this, but this time I was very curious that why did he immediately stopped the bus when he shouted ladies and not when he was talking about him. I asked my maa why did he stopped the bus by saying I have a ladies passenger with me.?? She politely explained me that it’s just because boys are much stronger than girls darling, whole world knows that we are weak , her husband is just protecting her… I was shocked, I thought that I just drank a bitter syrup that I never wanted to drink. After this incindent my all the senses were alert,  I saw each and every behavior of all the people around me… Then I realized that what is the condition of women in our country.

After this, a question got stuck in my mind..

Are women really so weak… ?

That they can’t even carry a bag … A woman who gives birth to a living baby is so weak that her name is used as weaker sex.. I’m not just talking about this world, but also in my own home, my own father, he made my mother undergo through such pain and that too 4 times just to have a boy… I mean are you really serious ??what is the need of such sex discrimination..? May be I’m not so matured to understand this double standard world.

I’m  talking about equality here, and  not about superiority… I m not saying women are superior than men but I’m saying that they both are equal…. We don’t need to be called as a weaker sex because if we are weak then there will be no life on this earth… Remove this tag “reserved for ladies” why we need such reservations everywhere..?? say it in politics, or in education and even in a public bus. We want equal importance… We are not going to be happy only by 20% or 30% we want equal 50%.

After all this huge debate I think next time anyone will think twice before shouting ” I have ladies passenger with me”.


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