Let’s bring a smile…

Enduring Introspection:  The Soul Food

Let’s try to bind the emotions in form of words…

Her swelled eyes full of redness were telling so much….so much that words couldn’t describe, emotions were bleeding out in form of tears due to all those wounds which made her soul perforated. She was standing in front of mirror examining her overall shattered world. In that darkness the nuisance of her life was not less than the dreadful howling of wolf and at the same time her spirit to deal with herself was totally eaten up by the scary situations of life she had been combating all alone. It was just enough may be more than enough for her to tolerate. Not only her knees but her heart was wobbling, all her screaming cries were inaudible, not only on her hands but on her soul those cuts were visible and most of all her beliefs were brutally killed. It was the reality equivalent to her worst nightmare she was living that time. It was her present which she was confused would ever become her past because she was quitting future forever.

This above situation is something experienced by all those people (not only females but males too) who are truly smiling at your face but when you just peep into their soul some injury is there. Behind the above situation I will not place any specific reason because ‘pain is pain it’s just reasons vary’…..so better to think yourself the reason.

Time to introspect my friend!!!

Please tell me is that really true… in this so rapid, modern, highly practical, emotionless, mundane, competitive, full of insane activities, full of tired grim face, depression era definition of living has changed upto that extent so that suicidal, rapes, corruption, inappropriate dowry or alimony, molestation, divorce…rates are alarmingly increasing ???

Hold on just hold on for a minute and realize what we are heading towards???

Time to introspect once again my friend!!!

After so so so many efforts we became previliged to live this precious human life then why to decolourise its beautiful emotional colors for ourself because of others. This life is given to us to live wholeheartedly whether the hard time or good one so please stop yourself and others to make it a suffering to handle.

I believe… life is not about making big wonderful art everytime  but also to sketch simple drawing of yours as well

Don’t you think….
  • The colors of petals tell something.
  • The presence of thorns on beautiful flowers have some meaning.
  • Those street dog’s struggle to live tell something.
  • That rickshaw puller at 3 am on railway station in winter morning waiting for passengers to come have his own life story.
  • That little girl having sparkling eyes but rough hands her way of living is unseen.
  • Your own parents have been through so much life experiences which actually adds value to our existence.

…………….so much more.

I just want to convey one message
  • Live it or suffer it…. choice is yours. This life path has to be covered up.
  • Embrace your own presence or ruin it for someone else…. choice is yours. You have some importance that’s the reason of your life, later or sooner you will get it.
  • Try to make a balance or keep on suffering unbalanced emotions… choice is yours. Others will hurt but it is you who is empowering them.

I wish people can understand that each one of us is an artist


so be respectful towards your heart…….. that’s all.

Thank you

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