Let’s imagine few soothing things not for any big specific reason but for very small cause and that is to ENJOY FEW SECONDS OF YOUR EXISTENCE IN THIS STRESSFUL WORLD.

I don’t know anything about you –

  • What you are going through at this point of time?
  • What you feel and what you pretend?
  • Whether you are smiling or crying now a days?
  • Do you really need that eternal bond and genuine support from someone ?
  • How do you consider yourself in this fast and furious society?
All I know is….. if few words can make you feel good then please feel. So let’s start a short imagination journey that has very unnoticed meaning :
  1. Please imagine and feel those dew drops on the petals, what a beauty isn’t it?!? Somewhere from the castle of clouds a small droplet say goodbye to her beloved cloud. It was their separation time because fate can only be accepted sometimes but can’t be changed. Droplet thanks cloud for holding her ‘in’ himself without any big expectations but it’s time for her to meet petals. She was aware of that aimless journey but it has to be attained just for that one soul who will appreciate her sacrifice just to spread a soothing smile on our face. So dear readers don’t ever ignore this beautiful scene after all NATURE IS COMPOSED OF DIVINE LOVE.
  2. The soulful calming interaction between the crystals of sand spread all around the beach and the running waves. This process keeps on repeating but every time the feeling is same. Water comes and each crystal gets moist, how loving isn’t it?!? The motive is to tell time can never make any relationship boring if the feelings are true. Each sand crystal is ready to meet water and water soaked them within without any big expectation. So dear readers….never ignore anyone’s care for you it happens rarely.
  3. This beating heart have so much to say other than its normal biological phenomenon. Did you ever pay attention to that? Heart beats 115200 times per day each beat has something to tell,  has some significance to make us alive.  Dear readers….give it a thought and listen to this very heart of yours instead the bustling sounds of this noisy society. But once stopped it’s finished forever that zigzag line ends up to plain. Before this moment at least for once STOP FORCING YOUR HEART TO LET YOU LIVE AND START LIVING FOR YOUR HEART.
  4. Your reflection in mirror and your thoughts regarding it matters a lot. Consider yourself as a important being and you will ultimately gain something worth achieving which can’t be shown but felt by heart. Dear readers…..your image in mirror is not about physical aspect only but that internal beauty which resides within you. Show it by your deeds and thoughts and it will shine on your face as an appealing magic. Don’t forget PROMISES TO ONESELF CAN’T BE STOLEN SO MAKE IT A GOLDEN ONE AND SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND.

Live not because you are human but you have every possible means to enjoy this adorable life from deep insight to working minds, walking legs to smiling spirit, kind deeds to ability to tolerate excruciating pain and so much more. So VALUE YOURSELF AND ENHANCE YOUR SOUL IN EVERY POSSIBLE MANNER IT’S ONE LIFE AFTER ALL.

Don’t feel hesitate sometimes it is gonna be tough but make your last breath worth it…. just worth it.

Thank You

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