Once again : It’s all about me

Please give a thought to this very moment, this very life, this very second, this very smile,  this very breath of yours… are you living contentedly. If not contentedly at least being hopeful. Because HOPES are the key to live cheerfully.

She was returning back to her home town after six months. Totally exhausted, totally freaked out and most of all her craving to meet her own people was at peak. So now all that storm of thoughts was at peace now. Sitting at the window seat looking that dark sky holding bright sickle-shaped moon, dancing leaves, silent breeze effortlessly made her think so much so much.

Whatever isolation she lived in that city gradually made her realize the value of OWN SELF. People will talk till they want and have time that’s it. No matter of giving support because in this society it’s all about survival of selfishness. 

Whatever ignorance she suffered there made her realize the value of SELF ACCEPTANCE. Her all unanswered thoughts get the point only at terrace through the lyrics of songs she used to listen.

Whatever humiliating troubles she tolerated there all alone made her realize the value of DON’T CARE ATTITUDE. In spite of all the efforts she puts to do her best still the outcomes remain worthless made her spirit so firm.

Whatever time she spent in the local bus observing people around. Some with sad faces, happy faces, angry faces, carefree faces all lost in their own story made her realize the value of  SILENT TALKS. She hd become master in being silent yet talking within.

Whatever tears not her eyes but her soul shed due to the painful  wounds she got every time made her realize the value of TRUE SPARKLING EYES. That moon was her only mate who can patiently listen to her in the impatient crowd of people.

Whatever wrong expectations she did made her realize the value of RIGHT PERSON. That was the reason eventually she believed the power of taking stand for oneself when life’s scenario became like volcanic eruption. Lava like thoughts not anymore cause harm to her cold spirit.

These were all the changes in form of challenges she experienced in past few months.

This above situation is often faced by youngsters now a days. This truly left us with so many helpless heaviness of heart. But the truth is life lies in all such experiences indeed. Living not about being happy every time or loosing spirit to deal with awfulness. Things keep on  changing every second so better to lose yourself.

When tides are against your life’s sail boat as you have no control over nature. The best thing one can do is leave oneself on the flow. Let it take you wherever it wants. Just leave leave leave yourself. 

Dear readers don’t forget at the end of the day IT’S ALL ABOUT US. No matter what you did for others, no matter what help you offered, no matter what promises you fulfilled, no matter what efforts you give for others……… lastly it’s all about ourself.

  • So better to enjoy liveliness of happy days without being careless.
  • Better to sink yourself in the pool of sadness without being depressed .
  • Its better to live high standard life in terms of self-respect without being egoistic
  • Better to patently wait for that someone special rather than getting indulged into fake relationship.
  • Better to cherish and make memories with your wonderful family .

No problem if you lost yourself for the things and people who initially looked appealing but their reality was pathetic. I would like to even congratulate all such warrior souls who faced such things and people because it’s the true essence of human life. But now stop crying and stand up clean your eyes and fight because at last





Thank You

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