Whenever she spend time at that silent terrace, moon light spread all over the floor brightening the sky, calm-cool breeze touching her feet, rapid pace of people seem to be relaxed, all those stars scattered in the sky apart from each other yet so connected, her heart beat starts finding its meaning and that smile on her face with those unnoticed tearful eyes makes her feel so incompletely complete while listening the soulful songs composed of meaningful heart touching lyrics wrapped with simplicity.
  • This is such a state of mind and soul experienced by deep thinkers that is so blissful and at same time so harmful. Blissful because their pious thoughts are not bound by the manacles of negativity, brag up attitude, lustful intentions, compromisation of simplicity and most of all even if they cry when few lyrics force their unanswered yet beautifully unbroken heart to imagine which is often ignored by today’s so-called busy society they simply feel calm. This is something makes them what they are…sensitive yet smart, emotional yet powerful, silent yet outspoken, such a complex combination. Isn’t it?!? 


  • Harmful because sometimes it gets difficult to tolerate the reality of their life which is far away from what they listen in someone’s melodious voice. It’s human tendency what they admire they want to live that as life’s reality but life don’t go by your admiration,it goes the way so that you can learn the value of being deadly alive. Humans claim to be so strong and few lyrics can destroy their peace of mind. Isn’t it?!?
So dear readers all I want to say is if you are facing any emotional  breakage or get hurt or ignored by your dear ones. Due to all this if you are running from SONGS OF CALMNESS don’t do this. Listen and feel each word that’s the true value of your mindset. Don’t relate all that with you awful past or with your boring reality. Just try to connect each impression of word with future. If it’s a happy song feel happy for imagining your cheerful future. If it’s a soft song feel and try to share it with your imaginary soul mate, if it’s a spiritual song feel and connect that positivity with your inner self, if it’s a sad song listen it and if you want then you can even cry with it but don’t forget to smile at last because such tears teaches us a lot. 

So at last I just want to write SET YOURSELF FREE. Don’t mess up your emotions with the songs let them come and go. Everyone has their own unique perspective to live their life. Then why to degrade  your standard of living for any stupid presence. You never know what is going to be the other move of the destiny so things which are beyond your control JUST LEAVE THEM. You can force yourself but not this very nature. Take care of yourself and your dear ones and never get hopeless in your life my friend because this beautiful LIFE MAY BE A SUFFERING FOR US NOW BUT WAIT IT NEVER FORGETS TO SURPRISE US AS WELL. Several situations you have experienced several things and souls are yet to be experience so keep on living every moment with good spirit.

Thank You


  1. So you taught me that on this beautiful journey, given a name of LIFE, we will have conventions and discourse with our fellow passengers. Some will touch our soul and some will lie on the mere surface of our heart, some will give us memories, others will teach us lessons. Feel grateful for everything and everyone ?
    P.S : We can’t stop the one who’s meant to leave us, as our destinations are way apart.

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