“The story of a Diminished Boy” – Chapter one the beginning


This story revolves around a boy called Omkar. He wass in his teenage and wants to tell how he reach his undefined goal after surviving all the obstacles you face in real life in a fashion you all wanna know. So let’s begin…

Chapter one

As far as I remember, I was in 9th standard, ugly with the curse of big tummy ,struggling to get the enough grade to reach the 10th standard. Despite all this I was trying to live a happy life. But who knew that this happy living will not last long. As exam were over and result were going to be out the very next day. Being a teenager you know all result days are like a doom days of your life, as you already know the half result. But anyways you have to survive the day.

I have learnt one thing from my life that whatever u think for the opposite takes place always. You can understand what I mean to say. The day came when the results were in my hands and I was like today I am going to die as I got failed in two subjects. But when you compare it with my previous result in which I was failed in four subject, you and I both will feel good. But my trouble doesn’t end here, the real problem was how I am going to explain my little progress to folks who see me as topper, which I never can be. At the end I ended up listening that I will not be able to do anything in my life. Here if ur a teenager you can feel the gravity of this lecture. It was five past nine everyone were done with food and were going to sleep. But I was still thinking “where should I tomorrow go, rice or momo?”

To be continued…

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