The Story of a diminished boy-chapter two- Life with No signs of light

It’s been two days after result. But tension was still in the house and gravity lecture were now part of my life . It was like that there is no sign of light in my life….

The days were passing but still atmosphere looked to be the same throughout. Now from here problems started taking place. I started isolating myself from everyone. I didn’t bothered to take the calls up, didn’t bothered to  go out of the room for many days. It was like there is nothing left in my life, I started feeling like burden on my parents. Beacuse of this I fell sick, I lost my appetite but still curse of tummy was with me. It was Aug 20, 2015 when I finally decided to walk out of my room and have some conversation with Rahul my childhood friend. It’s been a long time we since we had a serious and deep conversation. We talked for hours, which made me feel lot better. Atleast I had someone who has a interest to listen to the things I feel and I want to share After few days everything appeared to be normal. I was back on my schedule. School-tution-momo-home and repeat. But remember I have told you nothing goes according to your will. It was Aug 25, 2015 I still remember that date because it was the day I found something after lossing myself….

To be continued…


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