Who says time spent alone is the awful thing!?! It is such a peaceful combination of seconds that enlightens the heart, soul and mind. I believe when mortal fellows fail to answer our question try to live silent talking moments with our immortal mates….. The very exquisite moon, those twinkling stars, the blowing breeze, the soothing sun shines. Without any comparison and complain they help to open all the blocked channels of understanding.

So let’s begin the quote-ful journey of emotions which took place between her and stars:

1) She asked her twinkling mates about the concept of mortality and immortality. That is when she understood the beauty of soulful death. People remain concerned about the pain of death but my friend this intolerable loss is a blissful moment for those two souls who believe in the depth of love.

2) One can not say anything about mentality of this society where people proclaim themselves as HUMANS but profusely lack the morals of emotions. That is the reason she understood the difference between PARTNERS AND SOUL MATES. Stars told her the essence of relation by making her understand the flaws and shine of moon. That’s the actual meaning of love….you should be the shine of your soul mate’s flaws. Partners can be changed but soul mate is the one and only presence of life. True souls never meet that easily in life it takes time so that GOD adores your death by his/her arms and even if people set you apart get ready for that soulful oneness planned in heaven.

3) When moon goes sun comes, sun goes moon comes…..this is what love is about. That shooting star told her the truthful concept of fulfilling each others place as true soul mates. Being with someone doesn’t only means to be physically together but just like sun-moon be connected emotionally even if you both are far apart. That is the true oneness of life. She resides in the valleys of his soul as a soothing saga and he remains as glitter to decorate the voids of heart…… this is what she finally found while contemplating the depths of love in life.

4) Night is incomplete without moon yet it arrives after every sunset. Light  sky is incomplete without sun rays yet it remains as such after the departure of darkness, so what does it mean she asked her loving stars?  They told her this is the unfathomable concept of true relationships. People tend to think in one way only that is absence is the cause of tears. But the truth is tears are the expressions of that incompleteness of heart that vanishes all other desires. Tears are not the symbol of dependency of your on your soul mate but his/her valuable presence in your life. That’s the reason only grey clouds holds the power to weep by showering drops just to rejoice the purity of land. It means no need to crave for the presence of your soul mate but cherish their importance in their absence so that one day when you will finally meet them no shakiness of emotions will come between both of you.

Whatever I discussed are bit deep thoughts and very idealistic but aren’t you bored of living in reality so why not feel the beauty of ideal thoughts to understand the depths of some unsaid things.

So that were few points of  soulfulness she discussed with stars. Dear readers all I can write is be your best version of yourself rather than waiting for best. Each one of you is so good, beautiful, loving, caring, truthful so never let the cruelty of this society kill your understanding about life and love. One day each one of us will get what we deserve keep faith.

Thank You

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