That Candour Soul

Is there any Limit?

  • Is there any limit of happiness?
  • Is there any limit of sorrow?
  • Is there any limit of love?
  • Is there any limit of dreams?
  • Is there any limit of humanity?
  • Is there any limit of hatred?
  • Is there any limit of tears?
  • Is there any limit of enthusiasm?
  • Is there any limit of problems?
  • Is there any limit of solutions?
  • Is there any limit of fondness?
  • Is there any limit of betrayal?
  • Is there any limit of double standard?
  • Is there any limit of wildness?
  • Is there any limit of silence?
So why we all pretend to be so limited. Universe has no limits, earth has no limits, diversity in nature has no limits. Ironically all such limitless things give birth to various magnanimous lives but in case of humans limits are either considered as forceful burden or they themselves create limits. Just come out of that limited shell there is so much to SHOCK you & SURPRISE you.

Obviously limits should be there but how many of us want to be within limits whole life???

  • Did you ever work hard….limitless?
  • Did you ever sleep senselessly…. limitless? 
  • Did you ever love someone…. limitless? 
  • Did you ever hurt someone…  limitless?
  • Did you ever eat to be calm… limitless? 
  • Did you ever cry like nothing left… limitless? 
  • Did you ever get out without bothering….limitless? 
  • Did you ever talk to someone… limitless?

There is so much more to feel beyond LIMITS. But we remain entangled in the mess of limitations just because of one myth…. LIMITS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE PEACEFUL LIFE.

Don’t you think there is need to change the criteria of limits. Step by step we are heading towards development then why shouldn’t limits also get developed? And let me tell you by the development of limits I mean DEVELOPMENT OF MENTALITY ….that’s it.

For this first and foremost you have to understand the LIMIT of being important in someone’s life and their importance in your life. IMPORTANCE is such a thing which no soul on this earth can deny to have and this is the core reason that it ruins many life. Suppose… he considered her important but she betrayed (a beautiful limitless life got restricted);  she considered that result important but failure knocked (a successful limitless future got finished).

Do not ever imagine a painful future just because of that current thorny present of yours please. Future is boundless indeed. Have faith in universe planning for you. All the blows will eventually carve us nicely. Let them treat you like nothing, let them make your fun, let them ignore your presence, let them take you for granted. But do not ever let your soul get bullied by anyone.

Straight away delete/ stop/ eliminate/ throw out/ vanish away….. That very thing, that very being who is destroying your life for no good reason. I agree it would be hard sometimes but just think why to deteriorate the beauty of this precious human life just because of any worthless presence. Selfishness and selflessness are like opposite poles but both are required to live in its own aspect.

To be straight forward in today’s society is a big task  not because we lack the courage of speaking truths but they lack the willingness to listen those unsaid truths. 

So dear readers live the way you want but don’t forget to understand the LIMITLESS LIMITS OF EMOTIONS, LIFE, NATURE AND YOURS TOO.

Thank You

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