The girl from NorthEast-chapter eight- inappropriate end

It has been three days to that incident but I could still feel it in my nerves.

It was like playing  a movie in-front of me and I was rewinding it again and again. The only thing I remember was his eye and the rain at the background. I don’t know his name or anything through which I will be able to find him. So I decided to stalk him for a day.

I know it is awkward but this is what love makes you do. Next day I was full determined to stalk him. I went to the college and waited for him in the same corridor where that incident occurred. After waiting for hours I decided to leave as he was not there. I was making my way back to the hostel and someone called a name Anshuman from my front side.

I ignored as I don’t know who was he but my heart beat like he was saying that turn bitch turn. So I decided to go with the heart. I turned and he was standing infront me. He took pardon and left. I jumped with happiness as at the end my agenda of day was completed. As I reach the home I searched him and sent him the friend-request. Next day request was accepted and I took the initiative to message him.

We started talking and become good friends. We started meeting after the college. Everything was going well. He asked me for prom night and ofcource I was egarly waiting for him to ask. He picked me from the hostel. After the dance he requested me to go for a ride with him. I hesitated to say yes and by seeing my face he said he just want to show something and thats it.

After listening to this I said yes and he took me to place I had never been. I still have a photo of that place in my mind. There was a bridge over a lake with sky full of stars. He parked his car in the mid of the bridge and ask me to come out of the car. He requested me to sit on the bonnet with and just observe the sky. That moment I felt that I should speak my heart to him no matter what will be the consequence. As I turned my face, he was watching my face.


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