The girl from NorthEast-chapter five- No trace

After discussing for a while with my roommate and senior we decided to do something about the stalker.

We all came up with a plane to catch him. Next day I went out as on a normal day I does and waited for him to message me. Whole day we waited for him to message but there was no trace of him. As the day was going to over our hope was also getting shattered.

At night a message hit my phone. The message was from stalker saying that your plan didn’t work. I was so scared as no other than my roommate and a senior were knowing about the plan. I asked everyone to come to my room urgently.

All were in the room within  five minutes.

I showed them the message and asked to explain who was betraying me and why..?

But everyone was as shocked as I was. Everyone started recalling if they had told to somebody.  But there was no one whom they had shared the plan with. All hope were shattered as plan was failed. Days were passing and his message was taking a new level of cheapness.

Many people think that life of girl is easy, as she don’t have to struggle hard as boys. But had any boy gone through this kind of scenario in which he had to live his own life like a prisoner. I am not blaming but because of these kind of people, perception to look at them changes.

As now plan was failed I decided to tell to my parents but…

To be continued…

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