The girl from NorthEast- chapter four – staring

Everything was going good. Our perception changed because of many good incidents. We were not afraid of senior any more. Instead now we started respecting them. But graph of life doesn’t work like that. One day I was standing outside in a balcony, and I felt like someone was staring at me. When I looked at farthest point where I was able to, I saw was tress and just tress.

I thought it was just a random imagination. But I was shocked when next day someone sent my photos standing in the balcony. Firstly I thought some-one was playing with me so I asked everyone about this but no one knew about that.

I ignored that thing for a day. But messages were now becoming part of my life and I was getting scared more and more. Days were passing and once a day message converted into message thrice a day. I was so scared that I started to change my cloths after closing all the windows and door. I can’t tell this to parents, else they will take me back to the home.

So I discussed with my roommate and seniors. After discussing for a while we finally decided to do something.


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