The girl from NorthEast- chapter one – New state


It has always been difficult to leave parents to go for higher studies or job. This story is about a girl named Ruhi .Who left home to pursue her higher studies. People often say – girls are not meant for work or they are weak. I hope after reading this you might change your opinion. 

NOTE- This story may contain violence or the things which you might not like or disagree.


I was leaving to New Delhi, as the very next day I had to join the college and I did not wanted to be late on my first day. My flight was in the evening so I was leaving my house. Dad was coming with me as someone was suppose to escort me.

You can imagine a girl leaving her house and going 1000 kms aways for studies. My family was one of the typical Hindu family were girls are not allowed to go out of state for studies.  So it was the most difficult task for me to convince my family to let go to Delhi for higher studies but I was able to convince them.

After one and half hour of flight, we finally reach Delhi. Next day my dad completed all the formalities and  left me in the hostel. After my dad left I was in the mixed emotions.

People who are staying away from parents can feel that and who have never  went will get to know it as soon as they go out. This is a type of feeling that cannot be explained but can only be felt.

All the things were fine until that night…

To be Continued…

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  1. Owsum way to make understand everyone that wat obstrctn occur when a female child leave her home??????

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