The girl from NorthEast- chapter three- Fear

After experiencing the last night, we all were scared. We all had a fear because we knew that this was not the end.

After leaving the assembly area, we were not able to sleep. The things which were done for someone’s enjoyment were not pleasurable for us. Deep inside we all were shattered and had no idea how to over come our thoughts.

Next day we all went to our respected classes with the fear of getting ragged again. The senior on which we very finding our brothers and sisters were now the people we were sacred of. If someone encountered us during the changing of classes, we preferred to avoid those class. But if this continues, consequences of this fear may destroy our life.

But sometimes things don’t go according to our perception.One incident is enough for changing anybody’s perception.

As I was not feeling well because of girl’s problem so I decided to take a leave for a day but it was dropped by discipline incharge as he did not care about it. Some people never understands other’s problem.

After getting rejection for leave I returned to class. My face became pale due to the problem I was going through. One of senior office girl figured it out that some-thing was not right about me. So she came to me and I was surprised to see that she was the same girl who ragged me last night. She asked wether I am fine. But due to fear I avoided telling her anything.

She left after getting no response, but she knew what the problem was. She came in the class room with a leave letter and called out my name. I was surprised that the who humiliated me so much was helping me in such a situation which only a girl can understand.

I thanked her and left the class. This is how my perception changed about her. After that many similar kind of incidents occurred. But as I told you things don’t go according to what we expect.

To be continued…

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