The girl from NorthEast- chapter two- The nightmare

Everything was going well. My parents had finally sent me for the higher studies, it was like living the dream but it turned to a nightmare in no time….

It was my second day in the college and everything look same as per my dreams. Day passed, after taking dinner we all went to our respected rooms. Hmmmmm…(sign of depression). I don’t know how to explain that night. It was so humiliating. It was 12 in the night and we were about to go to sleep suddenly we heard a taping sound on our door.

As we opened the door one of our batch mate told us that we have to assemble in the corridor. With confusing thoughts and curiosity of what was going to happen dragged us to the assembly place. After reaching to the place we found some of our senior girl and boys. They were sitting on chairs and we juniors were sitting on floor.

As everyone got settled one of my senior named Anamika stood up, and told us why we were here. Yes you guessed it right, it was a ragging session. I was cool as this was the part of baptism. But the only thing that was striking my mind was why the seniors were here. They started their baptism, which was something which we have never imagined.

They asked us to do such a pathetic thing which we never imagined we will do. I want you to know that how a gender even can’t respect their own gender. One of the girl, I don’t want to disclose the name was asked to perform a pole dance in-front of everyone. You can imagine how disgusting it was, but they were enjoying and I can’t believe even senior girls were laughing.

Did they had lost their mind?

This was not the end one of the girl had to encounter urine over her.

Is this for what we were sent here?
Is this for what we paying so much fee?

Just because they had gone through this doesn’t give them right to do with us. But we were help-less we have go through this we had no choice instead of facing it. This continued for the whole night. My turn to get humiliated was near as well. As my Hindi was not good they already started humiliating me. They said they were teaching me but I know what they were teaching. They asked me about my private part and force me to make sounds. I was filled with tear but no one was giving a damn to it. It was 4 am and everything was over.

But after seeing all this the only thing I was able to think was, is this really over?


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