The last cigarette – chapter 3 – Missing friend

After experiencing all that I was thinking that is smoking that important? Can people can travel miles just to take a puff?

They said that it was their last cigarette but as far as I know there was no end for this. But still I believed them and never followed them again. After some time I noticed one of friend was not coming to class. After some days as his attendance were getting short teacher enquired about him in class. No one knew were he was no one replied to sir. Days were passing and there was no notification of Rohan.

No one was caring about him but as he was my good friend I was tensed for him. After some days I decided to visit his place. As I visited his place I found lock on his main door. Seeing the lock I enquired about him by his neighbours but no one knew where he went. After struggling for an hour I finally found someone who knew where he was.

On asking him he replied they had went to Mumbai urgently and but he was unaware of the reason. After finding this information I came back to home. After thinking for a while I decided to call him straight away. I dialled his number and I can clearly hear the voice of ring.

After two or three bells his father picked up the phone. I asked him about Rohan.

His reply drag me in a state of shock..

To be continued…

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