The last cigarette- chapter four – The news


After not being able to meet Rohan at his home, I decided to contact him by phone. As I called him after several rings his father picked up the call .

As his father pick up the phone, I asked him about Rohan. Before he could speak, I showered bundles of questions to him.

Why was he not coming to class for so many days?

Why your family suddenly left for Mumbai?

After asking in such a fashion I realised that I have to give him time to speak, I apologised and asked him to tell me about Rohan. After some silence with his tumbling voice he replied that Rohan was not well and for his treatment we came Mumbai.

I asked him what happened to him?

His father replied that he was suffering from bronchitis. After telling that he asked me to talk later as he had to visit doctor. As he kept the phone within no time I searched this disease as I was not aware of what kind of disease it was. After searching and studing about the disease, the only cause was smoking but there was a sign of relief as it was a disease that can be cured. After a treatment of months he came back to his home. As I got the news that Rohan had return. With in no time I visited him.

As I reach his home, his mother greeted me and showed me the way to his room. As I entered his room he was lying on his bed. He had lost lot of his weight and don’t have enough energy to even sit. I sat beside him and he started to cry. The only sentence he said was that that last cigarette lead me to death that I had never imagined.


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  1. kills ..still people have it…actually people want to live but they always get attracted to things which really can killll…thats a human tendency …they have to b a bit careful…cos even poison can come with a sugar coating which u may enjoy in the beginning….but still it will remain poison…and will definitely lead u to something terrible …
    WELL DONE …KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.hope this saves some people.!!!

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