The last cigarette -chapter 1- The turn



This story is about a boy called Manish.  Who wanted to live a happy life and wanted to complete his dreams but how his choice lead him to a turn he never expected. 


It was a fine day. I was following my normal routine. It was our tea break and we were talking about previous class. Suddenly one of my friend said that he was fed up with this boring life lets try something new. Something that we had never tried. This is the point were it all started. One fact about teenage we all must know is that they do each and every thing which they think is adventurous. But consequences of this adventure can lead to the day they had never imagined.

In curiosity we all asked him what he was talking about. Instead of telling us he said he will show us in the evening. With curiosity to know we all went to his place to know what he wanted show us. As we entered his room he told us to settle down in his apartment. He lived alone in the apartment.  He went in his bedroom and came back with a packet in his hand.

By sight I was not able to recognise what it was but as he showed us it was damn clear that it was a packet of cigarette. I looked towards other people in the room. By there faces it was clear that they were going to try this thing without thinking twice. Everybody was taking puffs and passing to each other. As Pushpender saw me not taking any puff, he offered me and this was my turn.

Should I take cigarette or not?

I thought it for 3 time before taking it….

To be continued….

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