The list- Dreams

It is a story of a man, who is old, and try to tell  something we should never encounter.


It has been sixty year’s of regret and suffering because of something I should be following.

It all started when I was in my teenage and struggling to snap out of my virtual world. One day we all were called by principle, to assemble in main hall of the school.

As principle called us urgently, we tried to reach as quick as possible and settled to our respective places without creating any commotion. While settling down we saw a man in his middle age coming into the hall with principle.

As he entered the hall, our principle introduced him. His name was Mr Prakash (I wasn’t attentive at that time so I am not sure).

He was a simple looking man, after giving his introduction he gave us blank papers and asked us to write about our DREAMS.

While everyone was writing on their respective paper, I was still wondering. 5 minutes passed and he told us to stop writing and further asked us to read out our DREAMS louder.

I was scared as my paper was blank and was unaware of when my number to read my dreams might come.

My heart beat was getting faster and faster with each passing second and in no time my turn came.

To be continued…

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