The list – lost

My turn was near and all I had was a piece of paper. Even the paper was looking at me with a great disappointment as the list of dreams were blank.

Finally my turn came. I stood up on my place with fear and disappointment.

Standing for a few minutes Mr Prakash repeated himself by asking me to read the list of dreams I wrote on the paper (unaware of that I wrote nothing). My heartbeats were beating like the running horse in the race course. Few seconds later I told that I had written nothing.

I was aware that after everyone will get to know this I would turn into a laughing stock, but I was left with no other choice.

That incident made me so depressed that I didn’t listen to Mr Prakash throughout his lecture.

Motivation lecture was over by giving proper guidance to other people and a deep depression to me.

Everybody went back to their respective class. That day was so horrible for me that it took me two days to overcome. The only thing I was able to think was everyone laughed at me, but that was not something I should worry about.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “The list – lost”

  1. But why was it blank?

    What dreams so big that scare the boy from writing it?
    What pressure prevents the little boy from scarring a paper with mere fragment of his innermost desire of reality?
    What force so great affect the developing mind of a student to shatter the freedom of . . dreaming?

    Is it the fear of his incapability of achieving that dream?
    Is it parenting repression guiding the boy to a predetermined future?

    I am deeply intrigued by this simple story of unwritten dream!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Really appreciate for reading my blog. You will know the reason as soon as i publish last chapter of this story- realisation

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