The list – No more goal

No more Goal

It has been a week since the incidence took place. Everything was turning back to normal. Instead of finding a goal I just busy getting back to normal.

This is something I regret throughout my life. Within no time I was in last day of my ten plus two. Everyone was discussing about there future plan and how they were going to achieve them.

On the other hand I was stuck with no plans in my head. Within no time our boards started and got over and we were left to face the cruel world.

Not having any goal lead me to nothing. I was feeling like a empty corroded vessel.

With some struggle I managed to take admission in a college for higher studies. Unaware of what is waiting for me.

As I had no goal in life, I took admission were I got the first confirmation call back from.

I went through normal stuff that everyone had to face after entering the college.

But what happened next was something I never imagined of.

To be continued…

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