The story of a diminished boy-chapter five- The little talk

She was standing infront of me, my heart beat became fast. I could literally hear them in my head. It was like I have achived biggest reward of my life. I was not able to figure out what should I do…..

She was saying something about timing, despite of lessing to her I was staring at her big eyes. I was wishing time to get paused, it was a moment worth living in. I was already fetish for her love, I still don’t remember what she said to me on that day. But it seemed like I lived my whole life during that little talk. My heartbeat were still fast. I felt like if she stood a little longer my heart will explode out of my chest.

She said-“ok Omkar bye! See you tomorrow..”

I replied (in tumbling voice): “ohk …”

As I came back to my senses, I visited to one of my friend from group to ask for the timings of tomorrow.  I didn’t slept properly that night as I was thinking of that moment when she was talking to me. Just can’t forget her big beautiful eyes which swinging like a pendulum. Next day when she arrived I smiled at her and she smiled back to me. It felt like agenda of taking part in annual day was completed. After that incident we started talking, and I too got comfortable in talking with her. We used talk in class and as well as in tuition. Ya we used to go to the same tuition class, a typical lover kind of thing. Don’t consider me dumb, even u might have done it when you were in love with someone. We used to talk on the social media, me waiting the whole day for her to come online. Everything was going so good , it was like I was living my dream, but as I said in starting nothing goes according to your will in your life. The thing that happen next I had never expected in my life….

To be continued…..

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