The story of a diminished boy-chapter six- The tear

Eyes with tear

It’s been four month since we were talking. We share everything with each other ,it doesn’t matter weather it is ┬ásmall or a serious issue. But the thing that is going to happen will change everything in both of our lives…..

Everything was going good, we used to go school together. Everyday I wait for her on a square, when she arrives with her bicycle I used to pretend that we met accidentally. She came to know that I was bad at studies so she decided to help me. She used to teach me on daily bases. This tuition was the only place I used study with full concentration or she made me do it. As mid-term was going to start she told me to study hard and I had to because I don’t want her effort go in vein. For the first time I was passed in all the subject’s with flying colour. After result we meet, she was equally happy but something was wrong and I could figure it out from her.

I tried to ask but she told me that everything was alright. My special classes were still going on as main exams were still left. As exam got over we were talking in the same routine. I decide to tell her my feelings on result day. On result’s day I found that I was passed in all subject’s, not just passed but had earn good marks. I rushed towards the school parking place were we planned to meet after collecting our results. I was walking as fast as I can thanking her thousands time as she helped me to reach my undefined goal which I never thought I will we able to achieve. As I reach to the parking place I called her name, she turned towards me with tear rolling down from her eyes.

I asked her “what happened to her, why is she crying?

After asking her three four time she finally decided to tell me.

She said “I am leaving this school as my dad got transferred to some other state.”

I was shattered from inside, but I can’t affored to show her as she was already in so much stress. She need ┬ásomeone to give her a shoulder not a burden. So I made her stop crying and walk with her to her house. We promise to stay in contact. I called her name to say that “I love You”, but as she looked at me. And starring at her eyes with tear, the only thing I said was




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  1. It was an amazing story that I have ever read also I am feeling proud to have such a great writer in my friend circle. Hope u will continue writing such great story in future.

  2. Some stories are meant to b for a while but they are really beautiful …it is one of them ..keep up the good work..u can change peoples mindset about love …?

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