The story of a diminished boy-chapter four – that smile

It’s been a week Meera had joined the class. I was not able to gather enough guts to talk to her. Only thing I was able to do was to stare at her and her smile. Now this is the smile which causes problem…..

Days were passing and I was not able to talk to her and her smile was killing me. These sotr of things are common when you badly want to talk to somebody. I used to stalk her on social media. My stalking went to another level when I got to know about her routine. I knew her tuition timings and just to see her I used travel miles. Yes I was acting like despo but this is what love makes u do. After stalking her like a vagabond and wasting liters of petrol I decided to talk to her.

But what I will talk her about?
How will I talk?

Days were passing the only thing I was able to do was nothing. On 26 September our school’s annual day was going to held . Fortunately I had some talent of singing, so I took part in a music group in a hope that she may also take part in same. Finally God showed some mercy on me as she was in the same group. I can’t explain that feeling it was like that I was on the top of the world. This is what happen when you want to talk to somebody so desperately. Practice lessons were going well and I was still not able to talk to her. Yes I am sounding like an idiot but I was so much frightened, I was not able to make the eye contact even.

One day I heard a familiar voice calling my name as I turned she was standing infront of me..

To be continued….

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