The story of diminished boy -chapter three- first sight love

25 Aug 2015, I still remember this date because on this day, I lost my heart to her (first sight love)

True Love Feelings

True Feelings

The day just started, and I was in the class. Suri sir was taking the lecture and suddenly our school headmistress came in. Along with her was a girl with long pony, she was well dressed, had a normal skin tone. But the moment she rose her face towards the class and put her head up with her glittering eyes. And at that moment I felt in love with her. It seemed to be like me and her were alone in the room.

I was starring at her like a vagabond stare at food, yes it was a first sight love and I can feel it in my nerves. As rahul saw me starring at her, he pushed me as he try to divert my mind from her, but it was of no use. Even I cannot help my self in that moment. As I came in my senses I had escaped her introduction, I was like what? I even not watched her properly and she is going to have her seat. As I eagerly want to know her name, I asked rahul who was sitting beside me. He told me her name was Meera. She was on her seat and I was still starring at her, just thinking would I ever we able to talk her …?

To be continued…

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