Those Star Pillars of Life

All the souls reading this, come on for a while just relax your

  • Mind free from all sorts of troubling thoughts which are making you feel uncertain. 
  • Heart free from all sort of heaviness which is making you feel your existence as a worthless presence.
  • Soul free from all the manacles of responsibilities you have in life which are making you feel intolerant towards others opinions on way of living.
  • Like my previous post here also I would like to write a simple equation of life


It looks easy but the reality is so different nothing goes as per the plans we make because that divine power somewhere from the upside is creating his own ways to give us the purpose to love and live.

Just take some time close your eyes and think about THE STAR PILLARS OF YOUR LIFE.  By ‘star pillars’ I mean

  • People who do really care about you no matter what you are, who you are for them you are most important presence in their life. 
  • The People for whom your silence is also an understandable language which they willingly hear from heart. 
  • People who are just one phone ring away from you and you release all yours frustrated tears to them. They humbly listen to you and calm you. 
  • People who never ever judge you. This makes you feel strengthened about the purity of your soul which sometimes get disturbed by the evilness present in this society. 
  • The People who are not interested in giving you big advises but small suggestions on how to make yourself feel happy. 
  • People who are the best blessings of your life God can give to anybody. 
  • The People randomly from anywhere come in our life and make us learn something worth experiencing being a human. 
  • People who give us blessings not because we did something big for them but at least that small deed of our made them feel like being taken care of. 

If you feel that you have such adorable people around you then please please please just after reading this article of mine go and thank them for being such a silent eminent part of your life. This smile on my face while writing this and I  believe the smile your face is the true success of this article.

No likes nothing is required but your walk towards your –

Mother giving her a hug. Thanking her for being such a selfless star pillar of your life.

Father giving him a genuine smile. Thanking him for being such a strong star pillar of your life.

Siblings giving them a genuine hi-fi. Thanking them for being such a cutest naughty star pillar of life.

Best buddies giving them a dazzling wink. Thanking them for being such a dazzling star pillar of life.

Soul mate giving them assurance by holding his/her hand. Thanking them for being such a soulful  star pillar of life.

Lastly, don’t forget to move towards that mirror and examine yourself. Feel great about yourself because it was you and you only who survived all those dark phases of life which once snatched away all the brightness.

Life is not that long to wait for the right time to thank others and not that short to waste on those who didn’t care about you. After all it is OUR LIFE OUR VERY OWN  then why to handover  its control to someone who does not have even their own control over their life.

In life having a star pillar is truly a blessing but being someone’s star pillar is something beyond perfection.

A conversation between night’s  darkness and moon:


Night’s darkness : Moon please tell it’s me who declares your presence still people hate me to see. Why?

Moon: I agree it is you who let me shine. It is you only so that people are able to see stars. But humans want to see what they want. For them my flaws are the symbol of  ugliness.

Night’s darkness : But moon you look beautiful, you shine beautiful.

Moon: Thank you darkness so don’t forget you are here that’s why I am here. Let these mortal creatures think what they want our immortality is the symbol of love which will be understood by someone on this earth and that day someone will write about “MOON WITH ITS DARKNESS: STAR PILLARS”.

Thank You


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