As per the dynamics of life really every second….each breath, each heart beat, each sense, each thought has so much transformation and this is what human life is all about. Some way or the other we are so connected not only by citizenship or blood relation or virtual interaction but as a TRUE HUMAN BEING. 

By true human being I didn’t mean to be something big or worthy but just a calm mind, generous soul, kind heart and most of all a beautiful insight for fellow souls and things all around. Not every one is born with silver spoon I believe but that doesn’t mean one should pray for getting it. Moreover create your own chopsticks and live with it more dazzlingly. So one can say the art of living is NO MATTER HOW HARD IS YOUR CURRENT REALITY LIFE IS CAPABLE ENOUGH TO SURPRISE YOU EVERY TIME. It’s your choice how to make most of every moment. 

Now comes the part which I thoroughly believe resides in every Homo sapient of this real cum virtual world that is the sense of being ALONE or I should say unwanted feeling of being LONELY. That’s the reason instead of having thousands of followers list, innumerable virtual mates, lots of coworkers around, social status parties and all somewhere deep inside WE FEEL ALONE and if not alone then surely we feel LESS UNDERSTANDABLE. 

Dear readers just think why??? 

I don’t know the exact reason but I think the illusion we creat within regarding a DREAM LIFE, DREAM JOB, DREAM BOY/GIRL,DREAM SUCCESS…all such dreams snatch away all that authentic calming human beauty we capture beneath this skin. Dreams are obviously very important to do great things but to set a high scale definite materialistic limit to your thinking is very harmful. Everybody likes to be appreciated, love, being important but only few understand where and from whom to expect all such grand emotions.

Dear readers I would say please start appreciating yourself for any reason no matter what but make yourself feel good because YOU ARE YOU, ISN’T IT AMAZING. Love yourself the incredible way you are only them you can make your worth realized by others. So love yourself for this body, life, friends, family and if you think you don’t have reasons to be grateful for then just thank god for making you experiencing this human life. You won’t believe but it’s really really hard to achieve.

Lastly I want to make one humble request to each and every wonderful soul reading these words of mine DON’T FEEL NERVOUS TO SAY GOODBYE TO ALL THOSE TOXIC PEOPLE AND THINGS AROUND YOU WHICH ARE DEGRADING YOUR LIFE’S VALUE….PLEASE. It may be hard but do it just do it because it’s not about making you happy only but at least not killing your self-worth for the sake of stupid sense of deadly fulfillment. Say goodbye to your negative thoughts which are restricting you. Take a deep breath and start a fresh because it’s never too late at least before your last breath.

After this wonderful goodbye trust me that freedom which you will feel is incomparable to any other feeling I can assure you that. Fell free to wander, to fly, to recreate, to enlighten ,to learn whatever you want and however the way you want. Please give support to those who really in need of it and someone’s silence is the most loudest proof of it. Because not everyone likes to be a social media master but your few genuine words of support can make them feel simply good.

You have your own thorns which makes you relate with this post, I have my thorns which makes me share these silent words here but in all this we should not forget the beauty of petals which will get brighten up one day by that touch of soothing sun shine.

Thank You


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